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Anthology: An Interview with Nathan McEuen

Anthology: An Interview with Nathan McEuen

"Yesterday, we got to see what working with Nathan & Jonathan McEuen was like for their father, John. Today, in part 2 of the McEuen Sessions, we’re talking to Nathan McEuen about working with his father and brother, and just how he’s sold 30,000 records out of the back of his car!

CP: Tell me what it’s been like working on this latest record... Reviews McEuen Sessions

04.18.12 Reviews McEuen Sessions

"Ah – a father and his sons making music. Pretty darn cool. Specifically, John McEuen (yep: Nitty-Gritty-Grammy-winning-anything-with-strings-playing – that John McEuen) with sons Nathan and Jonathan, who are serious tunesters themselves. It might’ve gone either way: growing up with a dad who’s spent the best part of the last 45 years or so on...