Anthology: An Interview with Nathan McEuen

Anthology: An Interview with Nathan McEuen

"Yesterday, we got to see what working with Nathan & Jonathan McEuen was like for their father, John. Today, in part 2 of the McEuen Sessions, we’re talking to Nathan McEuen about working with his father and brother, and just how he’s sold 30,000 records out of the back of his car!

CP: Tell me what it’s been like working on this latest record and touring with your dad!

NM: Well, the record really came together a lot better than I ever could’ve imagined. Once we knew what we wanted to do, it was like working with the best people in the studio that I ever could’ve imagined. We’ve been playing music together as a family for over twenty years. It just seems normal after a while. That’s just what we do. There are ups and downs with it, but it’s really easy for me to let go of the low parts and just focus on the really positive stuff."

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