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    What Some are Saying About “For All The Good”


    "What a beautiful album this is... an incredible musical extravaganza. I know what I like and don't like, and playing this in the car I listen to it the way I listen to Van Morrison. It's in my car, and I play it a lot. Seems like they've been playing together forever. It's a fantastic listen. I really love this record. I thoroughly recommend it...

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    “String Wizard” John McEuen (a founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (NGBD),  has released more than 40 albums, performed more than 8,500 concerts—since 1965.  John’s road journeys with his sons Nathan and Jonathan have involved countless shows, including their recent thrill performing at the Grand Ole Opry to three standing ovations.  After years talking about recording as a trio, all agreed the time was right.  The McEuen Sessions—for all the good… from John, Nathan, and Jonathan McEuen, released through MesaBlueMoon Recordings on April 10 is a musically rich tapestry that’s as fresh and immediate, steeped in the seamless interplay and exquisite comforts of a threesome that has truly shared a lifetime in music.

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    John McEuen
    Nathan McEuen
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    Jonathan McEuen

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